Hacked client Summit for Minecraft 1.12.2

Hacked client Summit for Minecraft 1.12.2— another cheat mod, which, like most similar clients, is equipped with good workarounds and perfectly working functions. The client has its pros and cons. Continuing the tradition of cheat mods, it is not equipped with any design of the main menu, which makes it difficult to understand whether it is a cheat or not. But, going into the game, you will immediately understand that this is a real cheat, and quite good.

Main menu

As we said earlier, the main menu is not designed in any way and has the design of the usual version of Minecraft. For the average customer, this is a big minus, but cheat mods rarely have at least some design. The only exception is the Liquid Bounce cheat. But not everything is so bad, because the client is equipped with a built-in nickname change using the Alt Manager tab. It does not have any additional functions and a large number of commands, so it will be quite easy to change the nickname.


The GUI-menu is done just fine. It opens on the right shift, as in most cheats. Opening the menu, you will see a rather unusual design, I would say, festive. The tabs are well designed and have an interesting shape. Next to the name of each tab is written the number of functions that are in it. In total, the client has 155 different functions. In the GUI menu, there is a HUB function that enables the design of the cheat during the game. This design adds a list of included functions, TPS and FPS indicators, your coordinates, and much more. In addition, you can enable the display of the amount of your health, hunger and armor status as a percentage. Unlike other cheats, the list of enabled features is located in the lower right corner, not in the upper one. To bind a function, open the chat and write the command ".bind function name key". Here is an example: ".bind killaura r".


We finally move on to the main part of our article-functionality. First of all, it is worth noting that the client only works with the Baritone mod. This mod is available in many cheats, such as Impact or Ares. Unlike these clients, it was not inserted in Summit initially, which makes the installation a little more complicated. Recall that the Baritone is a special automatic movement system that can do a huge part of the player's work. For example, it can automatically extract the necessary resources or clear/fill the allocated territory. The functionality of the Baritone is quite large and all this functionality has this client. More specifically, it has an Automine function that automatically digs and extracts resources. At the same time, this function automatically finds them, which is why the use of Xray is not required.

Let's make a small review of the functionality of this client:
  • AntiAFK - automatically makes various movements, which is why you will not be kicked for AFK on the server;
  • MiddleClick - allows you to add players to Killaura friends by clicking on the mouse wheel;
  • SafeWalk - keeps you from falling if you're standing on the edge of a block(can help you build tracks);
  • Timer - depending on the settings, speeds up or slows down the time for you;
  • ChestStealer - takes all the contents of the chest at high speed;

How to install Hacked client Summit for Minecraft 1.12.2:

1. Install Forge 1.12.2 in your launcher or from the official website;

2. Download and unzip the cheat file;

3. If you have Minecraft open, you must close it;

4. Click start, in the search bar enter %appdata%/.minecraft/mods;

5. If you do not have such a folder, then you need to run the Forge version 1 time and it will appear;

6. Transfer the downloaded .jar files to the mods folder;

7. Go to the game with the installed version of Forge.

Download Hacked client Summit for Minecraft 1.12.2 

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