We have compiled for you a list of all the features in the popular Minecraft hacked clients for all versions.

Good afternoon, dear readers. This article will be useful for those who want to learn about all the features in hacks. Functions will be discussed on the example of the hack Wurst.

AntiKnockback: Anti-drop and push.
/home: Auto enter command available on most servers.
AntiSpam: Protects You from spam in chat.
AntiAFK: Allows you to simulate the game, thus the server will not kick you if you do not play.
AntiBlind: Will try to remove the effects of blindness and nausea
AntiCactus: Disables damage from cacti
AntiFire: Will try to remove the damage from the fire, the performance depends on the server and your position
AntiPotion: Will try to remove negative effects from potions.
ArenaBrawl: The work continues!
AutoArmor: Automatically puts on and changes armor, allows you to change even on the move, has a change delay setting after stopping (not palevno)
AutoEat, AutoFarm, AutoFish, AutoSoup: Auto actions, food consumption, harvesting and planting, auto-fishing.
AutoLeave: Auto exit from the server at low HP.
AutoSplashPot: Automatically throws potions at low health.
AutoSprint: Auto sprint.
AutoBuild: Automatically builds, every time you place a block. Modes: floor, bridge, swastika, Peniis, Post, Wall, Sausage.
AutoMine: Automatically mines blocks when you look at them.
AutoRespawn: Automatically regenerates you if you die.
AutoSteal: Instantly takes all the items from the chests that you open.
AutoSign: Instantly records the text you have written on the tablet.
AutoSwitch: Quickly flip through the toolbar.
AutoSword: Use the best sword to attack (in Hotbar)
AutoTool: Use the best tool to destroy the block.(from Hotbar)
AutoWalk: Automatically make you walk without pressing keys. 
BaseFinder: Highlights established player blocks.
Blink: Movement jerks, delays packages allowing you a bit to teleport.
BoatFly: Flying on a boat.
BonemealAura: Automatically applies bone meal to sprouts nearby.
BowAimbot: Looks for a target near you and automatically aims at it with a bow.
BuildRandom: Builds random things.
BunnyHop: Auto jump when running.
CameraNoClip: Allows you to look through the wall at the sight of 3 persons.
CaveFinder: Show caves.
ClickAura: Automatically attacks a target near you. (you need to click yourself, and the player will get)
ChestESP: Allows you to see chests through blocks. Also works with pistons.
CMD Block: Allows you to install command blocks without op rights, but requires creativity, does not work on all servers. (old)
ClickGUI: In-game Menu.
CrashTag: Changes the tag for mobs that allows you to kick players in some servers.
Criticals: Critical hits all the time.
Derp: For other players, your head will spin randomly without giving out the direction of your gaze.
Dophin: Swim in the water like a Dolphin.
Excavator: You start breaking everything around.
ExtraElytra: Easier flying elite.
FancyChat: Allows you to bypass the anti-Mat on some servers.
FastBow: Fast charging onions.
FastBreak: Crash blocks faster (almost like in AdminHack).
FastEat: Eat faster.
FastLadder: Climb the stairs faster.
FastPlace: Place blocks 5 times faster.
FightBot: Automatically fights for you.
Flight: Flight (does not work on most servers).
Follow: Allows you to follow a mob or a player.
ForceOP (so-called AuthMeCracker.): You can get the OP by cracking the administrator password, but the probability is not very high.
ForcePush: repels mobs.
Freecam: Allows you to "fly out of your body".
Fullbright: Makes night vision potion effect.
Glide: Trying to slow the fall.
Headless: Other players can't see your head..
HealthTags: Adds the health of other players to nametags.
HighJump: Jump six times higher.
InstantBunker: Instantly builds a bunker around you (5x5x3 with 57 blocks in total).
Invisibility: Makes you invisible to other players if you die and respawn near them. Works only on vanilla servers.
InvWalk: Allows you to walk with open inventory.
ItemESP: Allows you to see objects through blocks.
Jesus: Allows you to walk on water.
Jetpack: Allows you to jump in the air. Works like a jetpack.
Killaura: Automatically attacks all whom can get.
KillauraLegit: Delayed version of killary which is harder to notice
Kaboom: Breaks blocks around you in the form of an explosion.
KillPotion: Creates a deadly potion, requires creativity.
Liquids: Allows you to interact with liquid blocks as if they were solid.
LSD: What Does LSD effect by changing colors was just a joke.
LogSpammer: Trying sasamat server logs errors that would the log analysis was more complex.
MassTPA: Sends a teleport request to all players.
Miley Cyrus: Twerk!.
MultiAura: Trying to attack from many targets around.
MileyCyrus: Auto shift pressed
MobESP: Allows you to see mobs through blocks.
PlayerESP: Allows you to see players through blocks.
MobSpawnESP: Shows places in which to spawn mobs.
NameTags: Changing the scale of the nametags (nametags will not be reduced).
YesCheat +: Bypasses NoCheat + (does not work on all servers).
NameProtect: Removes player nicknames
NameTags: Increases the nicknames of the players
NoFall: Don't take damage from falling.
NoHurtcam: Disables the screen shaking effect when you are injured.
NoOverlay: Disables unnecessary visual effects when in water, fire, lava.
NoSlowdown: Trying to disable the slow water, sand shower or eating a meal.
NoWeather: Quick change of weather
NoWeb: No slowdown from the web.
Nuker: Destroys blocks around you, especially effective in creativity
NukerLegit: Is a more relaxed mode Nuker.
Overlay: Another indicator of progress is the destruction of the unit.
Panic: Disables all mods / hacks involved.
Protect: Follows the closest object and tries to protect him.
Parkour: Automatic jump from the edge of the block.
Regen: Regenerates health faster.
RemoteView: Allows you to see the world like someone else.
PotionSaver: Disables the counter-action potions if you stand.
Search: Helps you find specific blocks. Use." search" to specify.
RemoteView: Allows you to see the world on behalf of neighboring players or mobs.
Sneak: Is Constantly on the shift.
Spider-man: Allows you to climb up walls.
Tracers: Lines are being Drawn to the opponents.
Truesight: Allows you to see invisible objects.
X-Ray: Allows you to see through blocks to discover ores (Diamonds, gold, iron, etc.), caves and many other things.

This is done. Now You know about all functions