In this article we will describe in detail how to install any hacked clients for Minecraft.

Good day, dear readers. This article will be useful for those who do not know how to install hacks on minecraft launchers.

1) First you need to download the hack client itself (we recommend our site).
2) Then you need to go on the way downloads C:\Users\(Your user)\Downloads
3) Extract the hack from the archive

4) Then you need to go on the way C:\Users\(Your user)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\versions and move here the folder with the hack

5) Run Minecraft
6) Go to Launch Option
Click on "Add New"
7) In list versions search your hack and select him
And click on "save"
8) Next on the main page of the launcher, click on the arrow next to "play" and choose your hack
9) Press Play

This is done. Now You can play with hacks