Hacked client Gorda B1.4 for Minecraft 1.11 - 1.11.2

Hacked client Gorda B1.4 for Minecraft 1.11 - 1.11.2 - is an interesting client that was made in Spain. We rarely see cheats that are not made in English, and this is just such a client. It has its own features, which you will learn about in this article. It's worth noting right away that the cheat is not bad, but it has a rather unusual design and, perhaps, playing on it will seem inconvenient to you. This client has collected crawls for various anti-cheats: CubeCraft, AAC and Sentinel, but there are objectively few settings for the functions. Also, it has the ability to use three versions of the game: 1.11, 1.11.1 and 1.11.2.


Main Menu

Although the main menu looks unusual, but it is almost not decorated in any way. An interesting feature is that even if you make the Russian language in the settings, the names of the tabs will still be written in Spanish. The main menu is equipped with an Alt Manager tab, where you can change your nickname, as well as add a licensed account. We said above that you can change the version of the game in the client. This can be done in the online games tab, in the upper left corner. In addition, the cheat works on OptiFine, which allows you to combine it with texture packs.

GUI menu

Tabs with functions are initially closed, and there are two squares near them that you can click on. The first square fixes the tab so that it is visible even when the GUI menu is closed, and the second square opens the list of functions. We recommend opening the tabs as well, as shown in the screenshot. It is not very convenient to work with this menu, because it does not look like the usual GUI menus of cheats. For example, the function turns on when you press it with any key: PCM, LCM and mouse wheel. And all the function settings are collected in a separate tab — Valores. In addition to those functions that are located in the menu, there are six more functions that work through the command. To see the list of these commands, you need to register in the chat: ".help". For example, among them there is a team that adds the specified person to killaura.


Only after entering the game, you may notice that you cannot open the GUI menu. First you need to bind it. You need to register the command in the chat: ".bind add GUI rshift", then the cheat menu will open when you press the right shift key. The rest of the functions can be bound in exactly the same way.

How to install the Hacked client Gorda B1.4 for Minecraft 1.11 - 1.11.2:

  1. Download and unpack the archive using the WinRAR or Zip program;
  2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;
  3. Click Start, enter %appdata%/.minecraft/versions in the search bar;
  4. If you don't have such a folder, then you need to create one;
  5. Transfer the file.jar with replacement close all windows;
  6. Log in to Minecraft, select a profile called Gorda B1.4 in the settings;
  7. Save it and then log in under this profile.

If the cheat does not start, you need to write -noverify in the startup arguments.

Download Hacked client Gorda B1.4

Download Hacked client Gorda B1.4 for Minecraft 1.11 - 1.11.2:

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