Hacked client Nexus b18.2 for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.8

Hacked client Nexus b18.2 for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.8 - is another version of a very popular cheat. As before, it will delight you with many features and new workarounds. This cheat is considered one of the best, and it's not just words, because it can bypass a lot of anti-cheats. The client bypasses such anti-cheats as EAC, NCP, Matrix, Game and many others.


Main Menu

The design of the main menu was done very well. The only drawback of the main menu, it seems to me, is the excessive dynamism from which you may feel dizzy. Also, it should be noted that the main menu only works with English. There is an Alt Manager tab in the main menu. There you can add a licensed account or just change your nickname. It is better not to open the Change Logs tab in any case, there will be no useful information there (this is not a joke — do not go there). Other cheat functions that are in the main menu will be discussed below.

GUI menu

The GUI menu is designed very conveniently and practically. To open the cheat menu, you need to press the Shift key (right shift). After opening the menu, we recommend enabling the HUB function, then the cheat data will be displayed. In the HUB function, you can quite simply configure the design of the cheat during the game. You will be able to add or remove many dаta: the display of the armor you are wearing, the cheat watermark, the degrees of your direction (it is very convenient to navigate with them if you do not like to use coordinates), the list of included functions, the display of FPS and ping values. Also, you can change the cheat's watermark at any time or remove it altogether. The client has nine functions that are performed via chat. You can find out about them by writing the command ".help" in the chat. To bind the function, you need to use one of these commands: you need to write the command ".bind function key" to the chat.


Let's return to the functions of the main menu. If you go into a network game, you will find three tabs: Port Scanner — searches for open server ports, what is needed to hack them; UUID Spoof — allows you to change the nickname and IP address; Server Finder — searches for all servers that work on the same host.


In this client you will find a lot of crawls for various anti-cheats. The developers made sure that the players did not bother setting up the cheat, and made ready-made configurations for anti-cheats. You can use the chat command ".setting name" to enable the configuration of settings for a specific anti-cheat. You can find out the list of built-in configurations via the ".setting list" command. It has configurations for such anti-cheats as Mineplex, CubeCraft and Gomme. The client's functions will allow you to play almost any mode, from ordinary survival to various mini-games. With it, you can easily play on several servers at once, since you need to register only one command to change the configuration of the settings.

How to install the Hacked client Nexus b18.2 for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.8.8:

  1. Download and unzip the archive using the WinRAR or Zip program;
  2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;
  3. Click Start, enter %appdata%/.minecraft/versions in the search bar;
  4. If you do not have such a folder, then you need to create one;
  5. Transfer the file.jar with replacement close all windows;
  6. Log in to Minecraft, select a profile called Nexus b18.2 in the settings;
  7. Save it and then log in under this profile.

If the cheat does not start, you need to register -noverify in the startup arguments.

Download Hacked client Nexus b18.2

Download Hacked client Nexus b18.2:

Download Hacked client Nexus b12.2

Download Hacked client Nexus b12.2:

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