Hacked client Fatal Client v3.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2

Hacked client Fatal Client v3.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2 - not so long ago it appeared on the web, but it became quite popular. The functionality of Fatal Client v3.1 is quite extensive, so the cheat is bound to please everyone who downloads it. Plus, it has a very thorough setup via the GUI interface of the software.


Main Menu

The difference between the main menu is that there is practically none, but most importantly, it is made with taste. Let's start with the appearance: the background was replaced with a red-to-black overflow. On the top right, the author wrote that he corrected, deleted and added. The buttons remained in their place, some of them were replaced, namely: AltManager and FATAL MAIN. At the top we are greeted by the inscription "Welcome", login and social networks of the developer. There is also your unique number. By clicking on the AltManager button, we can add our account on which we will play. The time is displayed in the lower right corner. The developer's menu turned out to be quite strict, he didn't change anything much, but the changes are noticeable.

GUI menu

To open the menu itself, you need to press the right Shift. The most interesting part of the cheat Fatal Client v3.1 is its functionality. The insides of the cheat differ in their visual design and functions when compared with other cheats. The menu itself has a CS:GO cheat style.

The first section is Combat, here there is the worst Kill Aura with the ability to adjust the trigger. It can be configured as you like, and it can not but please. In addition to this, there are other features in this section, it is better to get acquainted with them after the cheat jump.

The second section is Movement, this section is responsible for your actions and movements. For example: Long Jump — long jump, Auto Sprint — speed, Fly. Most of all interested in the Spider function, that is, it allows you to move vertically like a spider.

The third section is Render, this section is responsible for the visibility of what you won't see without cheats. There is an Esp here — one of those functions that all players include. It highlights the skin of other players so that they are displayed through blocks. In the settings, you can enable the display of mobs and invisible players.

In the Playeer section there is an AntiAFK — often a useful and used function that makes some movements for you so that you don't get kicked off the server because of AFK.


More about the usefulness of the cheat and its functionality. During the game itself, we see a lot of useful things in different parts of the screen. For example: in the upper left corner we see our client itself, as well as the number of frames per second (fps), our Internet connection (ping) and the address of the server on which we are playing. An interesting feature in the Render section is changing your skin, you can make a huge cone of any color and height out of it. Often, not even five minutes pass, and you are banned. Below, on the left side, we see the status of our armor, as well as our binds, that is, hotkeys that you can customize for yourself.

Go to another part of the screen. On the right we see our potion effects and the rest of their duration. Also the cheat functions and their settings, which you have set yourself. The list itself in the corner shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, it attracts attention. Of the minuses: the cheat functions may not work on some servers. He is not always good at bypassing anti-cheats.

How to install the Hacked client Fatal Client v3.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2:

  1. Download and unpack the archive using the WinRAR or Zip program;
  2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;
  3. Click Start, enter %appdata%/.minecraft/versions in the search bar;
  4. If you do not have such a folder, then you need to create one;
  5. Move the cheat folder to the specified folder;
  6. Log in to Minecraft, select a profile called Fatal Client in the settings;
  7. Save it and then log in under this profile.

If the cheat does not start, you need to register in the startup arguments -noverify.

Download Hacked client Fatal Client v3.1

Download Hacked client Fatal Client v3.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2:

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