Hacked client Vertex for Minecraft PE 1.9

Hacked client Vertex for Minecraft PE 1.9 - a great hacked client for the mobile version of the game. Its functionality is very different from the hacked clients for computer versions, but everyone's favorite features still remain. In addition to using the functions in Vertex, You can customize the interface design for yourself. And since the anti-cheats in MCPE are not particularly strong - with him without any problems you can play on the servers.

The menu in the cheat is only one and it is controlled, as it is clear, taps on sections and functions. It looks quite simple. But what else to expect from the mobile version?

Archery without reloading
The exit
Auto reconnect
Auto dream
Auto teleport
Auto walking
Aim for the bow
Ability to see chests through walls
Displaying coordinates
Delay for spam
Ender shells
Unusual chat
Rapid destruction
Brisk walk
Fiery aura
Aura of cold
Smooth movement
Year mod / infinite health
Instant kills
Delivery of items
Aura of death
Walking on liquids
Only a day
Ordering pizza
Powerful explosion
Riding on the heads
To change the view
Changing the labels on the plates
Speed hack
Drop machines
Change game mode: creative/survival
Trap Explosion
Explosion on ladder
Removal of items
Teleport for the Tap
Normal teleport

How to install Vertex Client Hack:
1. Download the file and turn on BL.
2. Click on the wrench up the screen and select this file.
3. Restart the game and you're done.

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