Hacked client Nexus b9 for Minecraft 1.8

Hacked client Nexus b9 for Minecraft 1.8 - one of the most popular, and most importantly very high quality and time-tested hacked client. It will understand everyone that will give an advantage even to those who have never used cheats. And all because to understand this client You will need no more than 10 seconds. It has a very convenient control, as well as many features that will make your game not only easier, but also more interesting. The operability here is as good as it is in other top clients, allowing Nexus to go unnoticed by most anti-cheats.


Simple GUI menu will please You with large functionality and relatively attractive appearance. There are no unnecessary effects and useless animations. This is what all menus should look like.


Alt Manager is quite simple. From the unusual it has only a counter in the upper left corner, and it in turn shows how many accounts You have made in this list. From this we can come to the conclusion that you can store more than 1 account and switch between them all in the game. 

How to install Hacked client Nexus b9 for Minecraft 1.8:

1. Download and unzip the archive using WinRar or Zip;

2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;

3. Click start, type %appdata%/in the search bar.minecraft/versions;

4. If you do not have such a folder, it must be created;

5. Transfer the file .jar with replacement close all Windows;

6. Log in to Minecraft, in the settings, select a profile called Nexus;

7. Save it and then log in under this profile

Download hacked client Nexus b9 for Minecraft 1.8 
Download nexus_b9.zip
[23.26 Mb] (Downloads: 585)

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