Hacked client Kawaii 2.4 for Minecraft 1.8

Hacked client Kawaii 2.4 for Minecraft 1.8 - this hack is quite interesting and powerful enough. Such conclusions will make everyone as soon as it starts. This is due to the fact that any user will be able to easily understand that this is not some new hack, but just a slightly redesigned old and top-end hacked Sigma client. Differences from the original is not so much. Among them you can find a remote Mp3 player and chat Agora, which was designed specifically for Sigma users. There is nothing to say about efficiency in General, as it does not differ from the original and works as well as in it.


And since this is just a remake of Sigma, the GUI menu has only got a unique name. In the rest of the it also not different from of the original. It also has a standard set of features and settings to them.


Alt Manager as in 90% of hacked clients allows you to create a list with accounts to switch between them directly in the game. Of the changes it added only advertising some 2 sites, as well as a small design update. Now it instead of pictures in the background normal black background.

How to install Hacked client Kawaii for Minecraft 1.8:

1. Download and unzip the archive using WinRar or Zip;

2. If you have Minecraft open, you need to close it;

3. Click start, type %appdata%/in the search bar.minecraft/versions;

4. If you do not have such a folder, it must be created;

5. Transfer the file .jar with replacement close all Windows;

6. Log in to Minecraft, in the settings, select a profile called Kawaii;

7. Save it and then log in under this profile

Download hacked client Kawaii 2.4 for Minecraft 1.8 

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